OPKIX Hat Mount

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Easily mount your OPKIX One camera with the Universal Hat mount and Universal Eyewear mount for a hands-free experience. The Universal Hat mount is able to slide on to any hard-billed hat, while the Universal Eyewear mount slides on the arm of most glasses. Two tiny magnets embedded in the mounts allow the OPKIX One video camera to attach in a snap. 

Live in the moment and capture the world from your perspective with these unique mounts.


*Camera shown for demonstration purposes only camera not included in purchase.

How it works


Instantly start recording with a simple push of a button.


Wirelessly pair your Egg to a smart device to seamlessly transfer all your video content.


Create content in minutes with the easy-to-use OPKIX Studio App and share it with all your networks.


These are the specs we live and record by